Ruth (40), Managing director

This training greatly helped me to reduce stress and relax more easily. I am more aware of my own patterns and learned how to step out of them. I learned to create stillness and developed a greater feeling of self-compassion. Marie-Claire has got a natural talent to teach, make people feel at ease and create a warm and safe environment. This course is a true gift to yourself. I would fully recommend it to anybody!

Laura (30), HR Manager

Marie-Claire is a guide who really cares, lives with you, challenges you, listens to you and experiences with you. The sessions were so fruitful. She introduced topics that are so vital to life in such a natural and down to earth way.  

This training helped me 100% with stress coping.The exercises taught me how to handle and create more space around so many topics: work, finding balance, my own thoughts, emotions, boundaries, and self-compassion. I experience a greater sense of calm and also a sense of pride and excitement. I find myself telling friends and family about how incredible this Mindfulness training has been and how much it has transformed my life in such a short period of time. I love it!

Eline (28), Brand Manager

I have learned a lot about myself and my thoughts and behavioral patterns. I have learned to recognize negative thoughts when they pop up and am more able to not let them take control. Also, I learned different strategies that I can apply in order to create more space and react and make decisions from a more conscious place. I am more kind to myself and feel that I am on the right path to build up my self-confidence. Marie-Claire is a real expert on the subject and has the knowledge and facts to back up and explain the theories behind Mindfulness, which made it concrete and non-‘fluffy’. I will continue to practice, hopefully I can become as much of a ‘Mindfulness Pro’, as you are!

Isabel (30) Investor Relations Manager

My stress levels are way down, my self-esteem has grown, and I feel empowered. Because of this course, I engage in more conscious thinking and decision making.  I learned to regulate my emotions better and am able to ease negative thought patterns. Marie-Claire is a great teacher, she is very organized and explains concepts in a simple, clear and fun way. I am thoroughly satisfied.


Danielle (32), Account Manager

The training helped create more awareness around my self-talk. I find myself being less critical and more compassionate and empowered. I’ve learned to anchor myself in my breath and body and to create more distance between my emotions and reactions. MC made me feel extremely taken care of – and mostly I am impressed with how she handled all the students’ different energies, always remaining calm and anchored herself.

Tan (31), Account Executive

Marie-Claire is extremely knowledgeable about the topic and created such a welcoming environment to do this self-work. I learned many lessons from the training including acknowledgement of my boundaries: where to push and where to hold firm. I became more aware of my negative thought patterns and learned to create a non-judgmental space around them. These tools and techniques are practices I will continue to use moving forward.

Stephanie (28), Category Manager

Through the training I have learned to be more aware throughout the day, to catch negative thought patterns and have a kinder approach to both myself and the world around me. It also helped me to cope better with stress and approach situations differently – in a lighter way. Also, I feel more positive and confident. I notice this both in my private life as well as at work. I am very happy I did this training. Marie-Claire is organized, calm, and explains everything in a clear, down-to-earth way.

Andre (30), Tech Engineer

I have learned to let go and live more in the present moment.  I have created an internal alarm for recognising negative thoughts allowing them to ease them. Marie-Claire helps you to look at yourself, understands what you are dealing with and provides multiple solution strategies. And always, always with great care and a compassionate approach. I feel more calm, positive, confident and empowered. Also I learned to be more compassionate towards myself. I would definately recommend this training to anyone wanting to discover new things about themselves and experience more positive energy. Thanks so much MC!

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My work is dedicated to sharing scientifically proven, concrete and practical tools & techniques to help you actualize your Greatest Calm en Fullest Potential.

Nourish your Neurons. It will be Mind- Blowing!

My work is dedicated to sharing scientifically proven, concrete and practical tools & techniques to help you actualize your Greatest Calm en Fullest Potential.

Nourish your Neurons.It will be Mind-Blowing!