Decision making around job decisions and relationship issues using Mindfulness and NLP
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What started as one thought, became many:

I found myself constantly weighing all advantages and disadvantages

Rethinking all possible outcomes and scenarios

I was always in my mind.
Like a hamster in a wheel, going round and round, the same thoughts over and over again.
Not knowing the solution. Doubting. Wanting to make the RIGHT decision.

I was afraid of making the decision, because ultimately, I didn’t know what the outcome would be. 

The last years I have travelled this journey of stepping into the unkown many times.
Now let me share with you what I learned on this journey, as I believe it may inspire you 🤍.

The Journey

Making a decision is like climbing a mountain.
The tracks are steep, the forest is dark.
You have no overview.
You cannot see what is on the other side.

You do not know what the impact of you decision will be.

Then you make that decision.
It may come from within, or it may be forced.

Because there was no return.You rise to the top.

Exhausted at first.
You need some time to recover.

You catch your breath.
And somehow this little beam of relief sets in.

The weight of your journey drops of your shoulders.
You may even feel this little sense of pride and confidence.

You did it!

You find your feet.
You look around, actually it is not that bad.

You. Did. Not. Die.

You are still you.

Your friends are still your friends.
You still put on the same socks in the morning.

And then you lift your gaze.

You finally see what is on the other side.
Something you did not expect.

It is this beautiful, luscious valley stretching out in front of you.
So much space and opportunity.

A new world awaiting you.

An new path to be created.
You embark on your new journey.

What I learned

The ‘known’ may feel safe as it is clear and has boundaries.

Sometimes however, staying in the current situation may not be ‘safe’.

Often times the space we seek lies in ‘the unkown’.
The ‘unkown’ is open, undefined, free and full of opportunity.

What I wish for you is that you may climb this mountain.
That you find the courage to move through the darkness with grace to eventually see there is this beautiful valley of opportunity on the other side – and it’s actually not that scary!

Would you like someone to walk the path with you, to support you- or guide you through the woods towards more clarity? Book a free Zen-Call to brainstorm together.

With love and inspiration,


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Do you feel you are in the dark woods? Do you have to make a difficult decision?

Would you like to FEEL better on the journeys or holding onto and letting go?

Both the fields of NLP and Mindfulness offer great tools to help us through the dark.

Below some simple tools that can enhance the process of making a difficult, big, or seemingly impactful decision.

1. Simple NLP questions:

Take a pen and a notebook and answer the following questions:

  • What is the worst thing that could happen? Write this down, and continue to ask this question over and over again until you get to the worst of the worst. And then what? You are still alive!
  • What happens if you stay in this situation? 
  • What if.. It turns out better than you thought?
  • Is what your are holding onto worth the space it takes up?

2. Mindfulness options:

A full Mindfulness Training will help you to:

  1. Learn about – and apply 4 strategies to deal with difficult situations
  2. Get yourself out of your head
  3. Find calm and clarity in periods of doubt and uncertainty
  4. Manage strong emotions

3. Coaching Options:

Sometimes we can’t solve everything on our own. We need someone as a sparring partner, or guide to gain more clarity and see the next steps of our path more clearly. This can be done through a coaching sequence,  in which we create a structured approach to find more clarity. Feel free to book a free 30-min Consultation Call with me personally – in which you can ask any questions. Together we will brainstorm about what options you have to find calm and clarity.